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Nia Glassie case

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Nia Glassie case

Post by shammy on Fri Nov 21, 2008 10:18 am

Murdered Tot's Spin Dryer Torture

Two brothers have been convicted of murdering a three-year-old girl after months of abuse, including spinning the toddler in a tumble dryer.

The case in New Zealand exposed a circle of family neglect involving the girl's mother, who was found guilty of manslaughter because she failed to protect her child.

Justice Judith Potter wept in court as she thanked the clearly shaken jury after the verdicts were read out.

Nia Glassie died of brain injuries in a hospital in August last year, two weeks after being kicked in the head by Wiremu Curtis, 19, and his 22-year-old brother Michael.

The youngster's mother Lisa Kuka, 35, shared a house with her boyfriend Wiremu Curtis, his brother and other adults.

The brothers face life behind bars after being found guilty of murder and child cruelty in Rotorua High Court. Kuka is facing 10 years in prison.

She was bullied in the worst kind of way. She was singled out, for what reason we do not know.

Nia's cousin, Michael Pearson, 20, and Michael Curtis' partner, 18-year-old Oriwa Kemp - who also lived in the house with the toddler - were found guilty of child cruelty.

The child suffered abuse "amounting to torture".

She was slapped, punched, kicked, flung against a wall and held high in the air before being dropped to the floor.

The child was also spun inside a hot clothes dryer and whirled rapidly on a rotary clothesline until she was flung off and, at one point, was left lying unconscious for 36 hours without medical attention.


Nia Glassie case will prompt rise in reporting of abuse

The Nia Glassie trial will provoke an increase in the reporting of child abuse cases, says Children's Commissioner Cindy Kiro.

Ms Kiro predicted about 12 per cent of the cases reported would need to be brought to the attention of authorities.

She said there was a similar rise in notifications to Child Youth and Family and police following the Kahui trial that was brought to a close in May this year.

"If you see a child in great distress, there is an opportunity, if you are a family member or a friend, to actually intervene directly and pick the child up and make them feel safe.

"You can do that immediately if you are witnessing that or if you are a neighbour and feel safe enough to do that and clearly there were instances where neighbours didn't feel safe to do that, in which case you need to notify authorities," Ms Kiro said.

She said neglect was a key issue, and one that led to abuse.

"When you have neglect, when you have children that are malnourished and left out on the steps crying like Nia, who are basically left in the care of volatile young men, all are precursors of child abuse," Ms Kiro said.


praying Nia hugs little one rest in peace

"O Allah remove the hardship, O Lord of mankind, grant cure for You are the Healer. There is no cure but from You, a cure which leaves no illness behind."

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