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HUDA tv available online!

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HUDA tv available online!

Post by Mohamed on Wed Oct 08, 2008 10:07 am

I wanted to share the good news that Huda TV is now availabe online at:


This is a great resource that is finally availabe to everyone worldwide. You can also watch it through the Atlantic Bird satellite in parts of the eastern United States.

Since its inception, television has fascinated viewers worldwide and statistics show that the average family watches 3-5 hours of programming daily. As such, television is recognized as the ultimate means of captivating audiences and influencing social trends. This observable fact has prompted a proliferation of satellite TV channels whose number now exceeds 5000 channels broadcasting in a diversity of languages. Huda TV's founders see the opportunity to not only produce family oriented programs as a wholesome alternative for viewers ; but also to define and represent our own culture rather than leaving it to western "media engineers" who, aside from a few, are themselves grossly biased and misinformed.

Huda is not a "religious" channel as religion is defined in the west; rather it is a window allowing viewers a glimpse into the daily lives of 1.2 billion Muslims who inhabit every corner of this planet which we all share. Islam is a comprehensive way of life which does not bifurcate spiritual and secular matters; therefore, what is perceived as "religious" in western terms is seen in Muslim societies as simply the natural order of life for mankind. We hope to contribute to the collective global efforts of our scholars and advocates by conveying our message of humanity, understanding, devotion, and assurance to our target international audience of non- Arabic speaking Muslims and non-Muslims alike.


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