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Global Action for Zimbabwe

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Global Action for Zimbabwe

Post by shammy on Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:34 am

As violence escalates due to President Mugabe's ruthless efforts to stay in power and crush the opposition, hope fades for free and fair elections. The people of Zimbabwe are suffering from intimidation, torture and other horrific abuses such as rape and food deprivation.

This wave of political violence has taken a devastating human toll since the March 29th election, with over 200,000 people internally displaced, 86 opposition supporters killed, 10,000 people injured, and 500 women and girls sexually abused or raped.

Please help by signing the petition, click on link below....thank you


"O Allah remove the hardship, O Lord of mankind, grant cure for You are the Healer. There is no cure but from You, a cure which leaves no illness behind."

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