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Muhammad: A 21st Century Prophet?

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Muhammad: A 21st Century Prophet?

Post by Mohamed on Fri Feb 26, 2010 4:46 pm

The teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) changed the lives of
the Arabs. Before him they were merely Bedouins with no civilization,
as compared to the civilization that they themselves made after
becoming Muslims.

Prophet Muhammad's character could ultimately change a person like Umar Ibn
Al-Khattab – who worshipped an idol that was made of dates, and buried
his own daughter alive – to become the leader of the whole Muslim
community and one of the most righteous leaders the world has ever

Anybody who reads about the Muslims' civilization and how it was built would
certainly recognize the huge effect of the Prophet's personality, the
ethics and values he taught, the simple lifestyle he lived, and his
wisdom that could unite the Arabs after being so tribalistic. So many
books were written about Prophet Muhammad; however there always remains
much more to be written.

Muslims believe that the character and teachings of Prophet Muhammad are not
specific only to one time. One can benefit from them even though they
are living in the 21st century. ReadingIslam.com presents a folder that
will shed some light on the character and teachings of the Prophet, and
show how beneficial his biography is to humankind today.

Browse through our extensive coverage below where you will find a mix of
articles, audio, Q&A sessions, and upcoming live talks where you
can personally ask our consultants any questions you have about this

Stay tuned to this page for more special additions over the coming week.


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