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Who is Muhammad to you?

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Who is Muhammad to you?

Post by Mohamed on Fri Feb 26, 2010 4:42 pm

If someone asked you 'who is muhammad?' what would you say??? Maybe we
can all answer in our own words? In the meantime thought this was


Who is Muhammad (God bless him and grant him peace)?

Holy Prophet, upon whom be God’s blessing and Peace!, is the Seal of
the Prophets, the universal and final Messenger of God to mankind, whom
he leads from darkness to light; who is himself the Lamp spreading
light; he is God’s Mercy to all creatures, and His favour to those who
believe in him and in what he brought and he is God’s favour even to
the People of the Book, who may yet come to believe in him.

is man whom God has created with a character exalted as the standard
for mankind; he is the Perfect Man and Exemplar par excellence. He it
is who even God and His Angels honour and bless as the greatest of men,
and all true believers, in compliance with God’s command, and in
emulation of His Angels, do likewise, and have done and will do so in
the Hereafter to him will God vouchsafe the Lauded Station.

the Messenger of God, is he whose very is a miracle of fulfillment, for
he alone among all mankind is constantly praised in every age and
generation after him without end, so that even taking into account the
ages and generation before him he still would be the only man to whom
such praise is due.

We praise him out of sincere love and
respect and gratitude for having led us out of darkness into light, and
he is loved above all other human beings including our selves. Our love
and respect for him is such that neither time nor memory could dull,
for he is in our selves in every age and generations – nay, he is
closer than ourselves, and we emulate his words (qawl) and model
actions (fi’l) and silent confirmation (taqrir) of usages known to him,
so that next to the Holy Qur’an he is our most excellent and perfect
guide and exemplar in life.

He is the perfect model for every
Muslim male and female; adolescent, middle-aged and old, in such ways
that Muslims do not suffer from the crises of identity. Because of him
the external structure or pattern of Muslim society is not divided by
the gap of generations such as we find prevalent in Western society.”

(p 79 to 81 of “Prolegomena to the Metaphysics of Islam” by Sayyid Naquib al-Attas)

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