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On the birth of the most influential person in history

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On the birth of the most influential person in history

Post by Mohamed on Fri Feb 19, 2010 6:12 pm

Prophet Muhammad: On the birth of the most influential person in history
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent the Merciful.
"Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, and those with
him are strong against the unbelievers and compassionate to each other
among themselves. When you see them, you will find them making Rakuh
(bowing down) and Sajud (prostrate in prayers), and craving for the
blessings from Allah and His good pleasure. They have the marks of
Sajud (prostration) on their foreheads, the traces of their
prostration. This is their similitude in the Torah; and their
similitude in the Gospel; they are like the seed, which puts forth its
sprout, then strengthens it, then becomes thick and stands firmly on
its stem, delighting the sowers of the seed, so that through them He
may enrage the unbelievers. Yet to those of them, who will believe and
do good deeds, Allah has promised forgiveness and a great
reward."(Qur'an 48:27-29).

"THE mission and guidance I have been vouchsafed to
deliver to the world is like this; a man made a bonfire and when it
illuminated the surroundings, insects began to jump into it. You also
want to take a leap into the fire in a like manner but I am holding you
by your waists to save you from falling into the eternal fire."
-Prophet Muhammad
Sometime in June 2000, Michael Hart did a survey of
the hundred most influential person in history. At the end of the day
he placed Prophet Muhammad at the top. He says as follows:

"My choice of Muhammad to lead the list of the
world's most influential persons may surprise some readers and may be
questioned by others, but he was the only man in history who was
supremely successful on both the religious and secular levels...
Muhammad founded and promulgated one of the world's great religions,
and became an immensely effective political leader.

"Today, thirteen centuries after his death, his
influence is still powerful and pervasive... Like all religions, Islam
exerts an enormous influence upon the lives of its followers. It is for
this reason that the founders of the world's great religions all figure
prominently in this book. Since there are roughly twice as many
Christians as Moslems in the world, it may initially seem strange that
Muhammad has been ranked higher than Jesus.


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