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Fifty days of the Obama presidency

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Fifty days of the Obama presidency

Post by shammy on Tue Mar 10, 2009 1:28 pm

It is unreasonable, premature, misleading and a poor guide to the future, but every US President since Franklin D Roosevelt has had to endure the first judgements on their leadership at the end of their first 100 days in office.

Barack Obama is of course only half-way to that point, but since he leads a nation which is wired for instant communication in the speeded-up world of the 21st century it seems reasonable to take a snapshot of how he is doing so far.

His presidency began in the strangest of atmospheres which mingled euphoria at the tearing down of the highest racial barrier of them all with a deep sense of unease at the worsening recession.

And while that unease is proving more durable than the euphoria of inauguration day, Mr Obama has already done enough to suggest that he has learned the lessons left by his predecessors about how to start a presidency - and how not to.

Crisis or opportunity?

The key lesson probably came directly from FDR, who started his presidency at a blistering pace, securing the passage of 15 major pieces of legislation through Congress in his first three months or so in office as he sought to re-assure Americans that Washington had the vision and power to save capitalism in the USA.

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